Event Reporting

Real-time incident and event alerting

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  • Fully configurable
  • Easy reporting
  • Automated alerts

Litigation risk is something that you should never have to worry about happening. But all it takes is one unhappy patient or staff member to speak up – or worse yet, for an incident to go unreported – and this could be a reality.

Event Reporting Software-as-a-Service solution from symplr helps healthcare organizations reduce risk and improve patient safety by providing an automated incident reporting process. Using our web-based reporting solution, staff, patients, visitors, or any personnel can quickly report an incident as it happens.

Fully Configurable

Easily configure workflows, alerts, and notifications by Event Type, specific to the needs of your facility, giving you the assurance that everything is working as planned!

Easy Reporting

Anyone in your facility can report an incident, from any workstation or even via a QR code – no login necessary. You decide whether it’s reported anonymously or not.

Automated Alerts

Configure alerts and notifications based on events and key personnel so the right people receive the right information and can take the right actions.

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