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Caring about your patients and their families — that's just what you do. That's the job. It also means having an open door policy for patient visitors. But let's face it, there are bad people out there, too. In highly sensitive areas — like Birthing Centers or the ER — there has to be greater control over who can enter your facility and when they are allowed.

Visitor Management by symplr improves security by screening patient visitors against felony and sex offender watch lists, safeguarding your patients, staff and your facility. Easy sign-in and sign-out streamlines the visitor check-in process, real-time time monitoring of onsite visitors enhances facility security, and auditable data logs help you to meet compliance mandates. 

With Visitor Management by symplr, you can easily prevent long lines at your lobby desk. You also get:

  • The history of visitor access for incident management or forensic analysis.
  • A searchable database to find individual visitors.
  • Low overhead and easy upkeep with no software to download and install.
  • Rapid implementation so you are up and running in a matter of days.

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