symplrPass from symplr

You’ve probably seen it – the line of vendors waiting to check in at your high-traffic facility. Or even worse – vendors who skip the check-in process when they’re late for an appointment.

Reduce the time it takes to safely get your vendors in the door and on their way with symplrPass.

What is symplrPass?

Leveraging our patent-pending scanning technology and the symplr mobile app, symplrPass check-in eliminates the need for computers and Internet connections. With their unobtrusive design, and requiring only an electrical outlet, symplrPass stations can be placed at any entry point into your facility, enhancing your access controls and making check-in a breeze!

Reduce the lines at your check-in desks, and get vendors verified and to their appointments in record time. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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