symplr FAQs

We are so pleased to announce the merger of symplr with Cactus Software! We’ve answered some of the big questions we think you’ll have in the below FAQ list, but if other questions or concerns come up, don’t hesitated to reach out to us!

What does this merger mean for the two companies?

This merger creates the clear leader in provider management software delivering software and services solutions to over 3,500 healthcare organizations. It marks a major milestone in advancing our shared mission to make healthcare compliance and credentialing simpler for all constituents of the healthcare community.

What is the value of this merger to customers?

Combined, the symplr and Cactus product portfolios create the next generation provider management platform, and the only platform delivering automation for the entire provider management lifecycle: credentialing, privileging, payor enrollment, professional practice reporting, peer review and event reporting.

In short, you have access to a broader and deeper range of features, products and services that enable you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, better manage risk and ensure compliance.

The merger also significantly expands our product development and customer support capabilities. This in turn enables us to focus on innovation and to deliver additional solutions to you.

Are company or product names changing?

Our combined company will operate under the symplr name with Cactus becoming the brand name for all symplr’s provider management products.

What are the plans for Cactus and symplr products?

We’ve already started work on product integration and are excited about the innovative things we’re doing and the synergies we’re creating. The combination of our two product portfolios is going to create a nice 1+1=3 effect. We’re looking forward to showing you the results as soon as they are available. Watch for our announcements.

Where will the merged company be located?

We’ll maintain our offices in Houston, Kansas City and Nashville.

Will my account information or login credentials change?

No. Your account credentials remain the same.

How can I find out more about the new products and features that are now available to me?

You can find out more by visiting, calling your account manager, or contacting us at We’ll also contact you with new features and products as they become available.

Will anything change with my support?

Absolutely nothing. Please continue to work with the same support contacts that you’ve been working with.

Is there anything I need to do today?

Absolutely nothing. Please continue to use the products you’re using today, working with the same people you work with today. Your investment in our products is protected. We’ll be contacting you in the near future with details of new features and products for you to check out.

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