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Compliance Officer Interactions with HR

Written by Kesha Boykin-McLean | Aug 4, 2014 3:17:00 PM

Top Ten Interactions Hospital Compliance Officers should have with Human Resources.

  • Creating, revising and updating polices to comply with recent legislative changes.

  • Reviewing employee handbook

  • Planning and implementing orientation and annual training

  • Auditing policies and procedures for effectiveness and compliance

  • Conducting HR related investigations (e.g. harassment)

  • Managing the grievance process with respect to compliance issues

  • Monitoring employee and vendor screening

  • Pension plan audits

  • Monitoring employee discipline process for fair and appropriate application

  • Code of conduct development and education

If you have ever triaged your facilities’ hotline calls, then you understand the value of knowing when to involve HR. Roughly 80% of hotline calls are HR related. The top ten list will assist the Compliance officer in determining which issues should be turfed to HR for investigation. HR is subject to government regulation the hiring, employee management, and termination process. Are you overlapping with Human Resources effectively?