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MSPs Make a Difference

Written by Donna Goestenkors | Sep 26, 2014 5:32:00 PM

True Story

A while back, I boarded a flight out west to work with a client. A young man (about 24 years old) sat next to me. We exchanged greetings, chatted briefly, and he asked what I do for a living. It was in that split second – just before I responded - that I had to decide if I should really describe for him what I do or should I use my old reliable “one liner” that always gets a reaction! I replied, “I’m a healthcare consultant – I’m like the Doctor FBI.”

Like most people I’ve given this response to, his reaction was one of surprise and curiosity! He responded, “I didn’t know there were people who investigate doctors?” And we continued discussing various topics and eventually went about our own business.

About twenty minutes later, he leaned in and asked my name. I responded, “Donna and yours?” We shook hands and he said “My name is Wes and again, I never knew there were people that do what you do, but I’d like to say, thank you. What you do means a lot to me! I have a brother who went through a very difficult situation with a doctor and to learn there are professionals looking out for the public is reassuring.” I thanked him for recognizing our value and shared “My colleagues and I will keep working hard to make a difference.”

What You Do Means a Lot

I was floored that a young man took the time to respectfully introduce himself and after a brief conversation, understood the importance of what MSPs do! To me, this experience validated the importance of what we do, from credentialing to privileging to peer review and beyond, the intelligence required to do it and the absolute value of branding. So, the next time you have the opportunity to tell someone what you do, tell them you’re like the FBI for Doctors ... Go ahead and give it a try!

I wanted to share this real life experience to highlight the important position MSPs hold within their respective organizations because what they do really does make a difference! Sometimes in the hustle of getting the job done, we forget the work required really does touch the lives of the public - often in ways we can’t even imagine.